Setting a firm foundation on Jesus, our rock



Grade 0 to Grade R for ages 5 to 6 years
• The Pre-School offers a happy, nurturing Christian environment with loving, professional teachers.
• Our small groups helps us to meet the individual needs of each learner.
• Each level operates on excellent and proven Bible based and age-appropriate curricula.
• The secure, stimulating environment, with consistent discipline and clear boundaries, ensures the safety and well-being of each child.

Grades 1 to 3
• The learning centre offers a strong academic foundation which is aligned with the National Curriculum.
• Our eclectic approach to education is adapted to suit the requirements of each individual learner.
• The favourable teacher learner ratio caters for superior opportunities to impart the values and attitudes that undergird the school’s mission statement.

About our Payment Schedule

We offer terms for people who would prefer to pay annual, per term or per month. We offer discounts for the annual and term payments.
Prices of fees will be emailed to interested parties upon request.